I was lucky enough to spend last Sunday on the back of my great friend Travis’ Harley-Davidson.  We rode down the coast from Jacksonville to St. Augustine.  It was a gorgeous sunny day (which resulted in quite the sunburn), so conditions couldn’t have been better for taking photos while enjoying the Florida weather.  His Harley is quite comfortable, so I was able to just sit back and relax, snapping away the entire ride.  This photo was one of my favorites from the day.  He’s got almost identical tattoos on the backs of both of his arms.  His left, the one not pictured, contains the word “with”.



6 Responses to “blood”

  1. Brooke

    Beautiful photos, and I love the template!

    I’ve been planning to set up a photoblog for myself, but it’ll be a while before I find the time to do it. Meanwhile, I’ll just enjoy yours. ^_^

    • chelsearoberson

      Thanks! I’m really excited about it. Maybe having a blog dedicated to photography will help me be more active with it.

  2. Casey

    This makes me miss my motorcycle; it’s an amazing feeling. One day I will bike again. One day.

  3. Ashley

    I really love this blog! I think it’s a wonderful way to keep yourself motivated. I should do the same. Nice photos! I want moreee!!!

  4. travislyle

    i heard this was on here! what a great day that was! we miss you already, until you get sick of the frozen north, florida will be waiting!


    ps-i’m stealing this for my profile picture, and framing it in my office!

    • chelsearoberson

      Oh trust me, I’m already sick of the north…it’s my lease’s end that I’m waiting on, haha. July 31st my friend…start the countdown.


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