This doesn’t seem like a photo I’d normally post on here, which is why I decided to post it.  I took it of myself at my friend Shakey’s house where I spent an evening playing music (harmonica and ukulele to be exact).  I took this while he was grabbing me water from the kitchen and liked the way the lighting was so extremely different in the foreground and background.  I was being lit by a computer screen (we were looking up ukulele videos) and the rest of the room has that awesome yellow dim feel to it from whatever other lighting was going on.



3 Responses to “me and a uke.”

  1. chelsearoberson

    Looking at this again I don’t really like it all that much anymore…but I won’t take it down because that’s not very productive, haha.

  2. iantrevor

    I like everything in this picture. The stacks of books in the back just feel right, the uke is lovely and, of course, there’s Chelsea. We should have a uke-jam before you leave the fair city.


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