I was actually on my way out of the park after having been there for four and a half lovely hours reading and eating fresh fruits and veggies from a farmers’ market when I passed this lovely gentleman playing the accordion. I kept walking for a minute before I realized that I’d just passed up a wonderful portrait opportunity, so I wheeled my bike around and unpacked my camera.  The gentleman stopped playing and shyly fixed his hair before resuming the song again.  He seemed a bit unnerved about me taking his photo, but in a good way that granted me the timid smile you see in the photo.



2 Responses to “accordion in the park.”

  1. Ashley

    Classic! I’m glad you stopped! I am kicking myself for not stopping when I saw a Mexican guy standing in front of an entire wall of colorful cowboy boots… I will go back and capture it… I’m determined!

  2. Kelvin

    I have sat in Rittenhouse with my daughter many times and listened to this guy play. He’s very talented. Domino likes to give him a couple of quarters. I miss Philly.


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