I went to Sandy Point State Park on the Chesapeake Bay today. I didn’t do a whole lot of swimming, but I did lay around and read for a while, enjoying the sunshine and heat of the afternoon.  Right before I packed up to leave, an older gentleman sauntered on down beside me and set up a chair right at the water’s edge.  After hammering in the fishing rod holder and casting out his line, he settled into his seat and didn’t move a muscle.

I sat there, staring attentively at the back of his straw hat, wondering if he’d fallen asleep and if so, would he notice if his rod suddenly started to bend under the weight of whatever fish it is that populates the Chesapeake.

Finally, I saw him adjust his position and look up at his line, so I hopped up from my spot with my camera in hand and walked over.

His name is Tom Gary, he’s the most youthful looking 75 year-old I’ve seen, and he’s from Silver Spring, Maryland.  I asked him what he was hoping to catch and he said “whatever decides to bite.”

After chatting him up for a few more minutes while snapping some photos, I headed out, excited that I’d stayed long enough to meet and photograph the sweet man.



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