While I was in San Diego, I went out with the people I was staying with to a restaurant with a great view. Later on, I was able to get outside on a nearby dock and snap some photos of the foggy skyline. It was a beautiful night and despite the hazy conditions, I did manage to get a few good shots.



4 Responses to “san diego skyline.”

  1. Colin Weinstock

    This is amazing and awesome… I’m assuming you had to have this on a tripod; what were your settings?

    • chelsearoberson

      No tripod…railing on a dock…I was with Gabe Morales actually, haha…he showed me the spot.

      Settings: 17mm wide angle lens, ISO100, Shutter speed of 4s, f/3.5 aperture. Hope that’s helpful!

  2. Katherine

    If this were Portland, I would give it an 11. But since it’s not, I’ll settle for 10.


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