I took this photo shortly after my takeoff from the JFK airport after a red-eye from San Diego during my thirty days of travel. I was on my way to see Joel and Ashley in North Carolina, and despite feeling all sorts of jet lag after the previous flight paired with an extreme lack of sleep, I was astounded at the beautiful view from my seat as we quickly soared up into the clouds. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice quality for clarity due to the lack of light as it was just after sunrise and still quite hazy, but I think it came out alright despite this. I just loved how the city was just barely visible along the horizon.


One Response to “nyc skyline.”

  1. philip holsinger

    it is like new york of the future… a thousand year future. An island again in the purest sense. A fossil in a tar pit. The quality makes the shot! It is right. I want a postcard. Love it. lonely. I fell like i can kayak to soho


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