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I decided that the imperfections of this photo are outweighed by the cool factor, so I am posting it despite it not being up to my usual photo blog standards. I took this out of an office window (hence the terrible glares) right as the clouds kind of parted to reveal Grouse Mountain across the Burrard Inlet being lit up as darkness settled in over Vancouver.


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After a few trips to our Neighbor to the North and then to Utah, snowboarding has quickly become a favorite past-time of mine. One of my favorite times to snowboard is as night. Despite the misery that sometimes is the biting cold with no sunshine to warm you on the ski lift, it’s actually a pretty incredible time to be on the mountain. The way the flood lights hit the snow makes it easy to see all the bumps and groves in the snow, so you can see exactly what you’re boarding over. This particular mountain, Cypress, is located in North Vancouver and provides a pretty rad view of the city when the clouds manage to get out of the way.


Moonrise over Vancouver.



The city lights peeking out behind the clouds.


City below.


I love the way the slopes are lit up.


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It’s kind of a given that anyone with even the slightest bit of shutterbug lurking within them will have their camera out and at the ready for their local fireworks on the Fourth of July. No one can resist trying to get a unique shot of something so fun and beautiful to photograph…and who can blame them?! Imperial Beach, the town I [still] reside in just south of San Diego, had their first firework show this year. They set off the rockets from the pier and everyone gathered on the beach to watch them light up the sky. I’ll admit, it was one of the better shows I’ve seen in my time. I, liked every other camera-wielding individual out there, took quite a few shots of the show, but this one was my favorite.

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This photo is from a batch I took while vacationing with a bunch of my old college friends last year in Florida. One of our friends rented a convertible for the week (best decision ever) and it made me absolutely snap-happy every time we got in the car. This is one of my favorite shots of my friend Don while we were riding around one night.

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For those of you that know me well, you know I don’t particularly like shooting weddings. At all.

I have been known to be coerced into photographing them on a rare and special occasion if I’m close with the people getting hitched and they ask nicely enough. Well, I officially came out of my “retirement” from weddings after a year-long hiatus for my two good friends Dylan Burrows and Mylah Watkins (now Burrows). Back in the fall of 2007, I lived in Greece and was a sort of temporary assistant to the Greece program they were both attending at the time. They met while living there and became close friends before returning to the states and later getting romantically involved. How could I say no to such a perfect couple who met in my favorite country and grew to know eachother in my company?

I couldn’t.

After the beautiful ceremony, which was led by the director of the Greece program, I was a little discouraged by the lack of light I had to work with, as it’d set fairly quickly in the moments we scrambled to take family group shots. Lucky for me, the lighting just after sunset paired with the warm glow beneath the gazebo(?) they shared vows beneath made the perfect setting for the best shot of my day.

I figured it was blog-worthy and decided to post it for the world to see. Just don’t get any ideas and start asking me to shoot another wedding anytime soon.

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The friends I stayed with in Brooklyn have a wonderful band called Swamp Cat. You should definitely check them out. (Ukulele, spoons, washboard, trumpet, accordion…pure awesomeness.) I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend a show of theirs on my trip to New York City. After the show, a few of us were famished, and what do you do when you’re starving in the middle of the night in New York City? Grab a slice of pizza.

This is my friend Nate outside the pizza place around the corner from the venue.

Fun fact about this photo: this was taken outside the same pizza place I grabbed a shot of from a cab over a year ago…seen here.

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