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I know that this is completely unprecedented for me, but I decided to post another one of my “assisted self portraits” from my trip to Canada last year. Using the same technique as my previously posted photo…I got all my settings and framing worked out and then stuck my camera in the hands of my buddy Jeff, who had hiked up to the waterfalls with me. As you can see from the photo, I was ill-prepared wardrobe-wise for hiking. This year, I plan to be better equipped. At least I was fashionable, which makes for all-around better artsy self-portraits like this.


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This photo is from a batch I took while vacationing with a bunch of my old college friends last year in Florida. One of our friends rented a convertible for the week (best decision ever) and it made me absolutely snap-happy every time we got in the car. This is one of my favorite shots of my friend Don while we were riding around one night.

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For those of you that know me well, you know I don’t particularly like shooting weddings. At all.

I have been known to be coerced into photographing them on a rare and special occasion if I’m close with the people getting hitched and they ask nicely enough. Well, I officially came out of my “retirement” from weddings after a year-long hiatus for my two good friends Dylan Burrows and Mylah Watkins (now Burrows). Back in the fall of 2007, I lived in Greece and was a sort of temporary assistant to the Greece program they were both attending at the time. They met while living there and became close friends before returning to the states and later getting romantically involved. How could I say no to such a perfect couple who met in my favorite country and grew to know eachother in my company?

I couldn’t.

After the beautiful ceremony, which was led by the director of the Greece program, I was a little discouraged by the lack of light I had to work with, as it’d set fairly quickly in the moments we scrambled to take family group shots. Lucky for me, the lighting just after sunset paired with the warm glow beneath the gazebo(?) they shared vows beneath made the perfect setting for the best shot of my day.

I figured it was blog-worthy and decided to post it for the world to see. Just don’t get any ideas and start asking me to shoot another wedding anytime soon.

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I was lucky enough to go down to Tijuana for Thanksgiving and work with and photograph Spectrum Ministries.

Even more wonderful was that I was able to write an article and post a photo gallery from the day via my new job at The Patch.

Here’s the article:

And here’s the photo gallery:

I couldn’t be more excited to be following my dream and finally working as a photojournalist again. The best part about it is that The Patch not only assigns me stories to write and photograph, but allows me to seek out my own. That’s why I got to combine all of my loves yesterday. Ministry and photojournalism. I couldn’t have asked for a better Thanksgiving.

Along with taking photos of the events of the day, I shot dozens of portraits of the neighborhood residents where we were working. By the end of the day, I had groups coming up to me tugging at my sleeve and camera strap, asking for their photos to be taken.

This is one of my favorite portraits of the day.


The friends I stayed with in Brooklyn have a wonderful band called Swamp Cat. You should definitely check them out. (Ukulele, spoons, washboard, trumpet, accordion…pure awesomeness.) I was lucky enough to get a chance to attend a show of theirs on my trip to New York City. After the show, a few of us were famished, and what do you do when you’re starving in the middle of the night in New York City? Grab a slice of pizza.

This is my friend Nate outside the pizza place around the corner from the venue.

Fun fact about this photo: this was taken outside the same pizza place I grabbed a shot of from a cab over a year ago…seen here.

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I debated about whether I should post this photo or not. It’s not one of my best shots. There are things I would’ve liked to do differently…different angles I might have attempted had I not been eager to go catch my train a few tunnels over, but this is what I managed to snap amid the hustle and bustle of the crowds shuffling through the subways of New York City.

I think my favorite thing about it is that the little boy playing keyboard is black and white and the inanimate people illustrated with tiles are vibrant colors. That, and you can’t help but imagine the crooning coming from that dapper young fellow’s vocal chords with an expression like that on his face.

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Last Monday, I made a spontaneous trip up to Malibu to see my old friend Amber, who just moved to the area to begin attending Pepperdine in the fall. She’s got a quaint little studio in a large house that sits on the side of a hill overlooking the ocean, which meant we could literally stepp out of her doorway and begin hiking from there. The morning fog was still covering a lot of the area, but it created a beautiful contrast between the grey fog and the blue skies that covered the other half of the sky. I snapped this of Amber and just fell in love with her expression paired with the chilly grey look of the landscape surrounding her. It’s even more interesting to me knowing that there were bright blue skies with wispy clouds at my back. Just goes to show that shooting from a different angle can change the whole feel of a photo.

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On Wednesday, I went down to Tijuana with my roommate and a great old friend I knew from my days in Greece to hear an incredible missionary/photographer speak at the ministry my landlord runs. After we picked the brain of the speaker for a while, we headed down the dirt road to one of the tianguis set up nearby. Tianguis are a temporary open air market with vendors selling things ranging from pizza and tacos to second-hand tools and clothing. We opted to go to one of my roommate’s favorite taco stands on the way out of Tijuana, so we didn’t end up getting anything there, but luckily, I ran into this fantastic older man. He was asking for money (I think), so I got my friend Amber to translate for me and ask permission for me to take his photo. He stared at me blankly without showing even a hint of having understood what she asked. I finally just pointed to the camera and then at him and he nodded, but kept his soulful eyes fixed on me expectantly. I wish he’d responded in order for me to get his name, but Old Man Mexico will just have to suffice.

*(Side note…I usually try and avoid reflections of myself in my photos of others, but the one that contained less of a reflection just didn’t strike me as much as this shot…and for the first time, I actually don’t mind my reflection because it kind of shows how personal the photo is to me since I’m in there too.)

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Whenever I post a portrait to my blog, I make the name of the subject the title. Unfortunately, no matter how hard I try to remember this lovely woman’s name, I’m drawing an absolute blank.

I was blessed to be able to take a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico with my roommate about a month ago to build a house with a mission group down there. Our landlord runs the ministry and has opened up the invitation to us to come down and be a part when we can. I’m hoping to make a habit of it, seeing as I’m only five miles from the border. The woman pictured in this photo is who we built the house for. She was warm and friendly and made us a delicious feast for lunch and a huge batch of hibiscus iced tea to keep us hydrated while we worked. She was a bit shy to pose for the camera, but I finally got this sweet shot of her smiling before she laughed and hid her face.

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