I did a project last year with a friend where we took weekly self portraits and posted them every Friday. Sadly, it tapered off and I was unable to post a few of my favorites that I took for the project while on a trip to Canada. I’m gearing up for another trip up north again this year and was reminded of those shots. This is my favorite of them. I actually made my friend Jeff pull off the highway to explore this little area for some photos. I’m glad I did, because I walked away beaming that I’d gotten my shot. Since I was without a tripod or remote, I chose all my settings and got my framing all worked out and then set the camera in the hands of Jeff to act as a human tripod and he shot off a few rounds before I decided he’d probably gotten something usable.

I can’t wait to see snow again. My soul is ready for some real winter.


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If you’ve frequented my blog even a little bit, you know that I have no shortage of photos containing a body of water, a sunset or both. Admittedly, it’s not hard to take a photo of a sunset and have it come out looking great, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop anytime soon. This shot is a favorite of mine from a sequence of over 200 shots (no joke…) I took during a particularly spectacular sunset as seen from the “backyard” of a vacation rental spot in Key Largo while on my annual reunion trip with 20ish of my close college friends. Seen on the pier is a small group of said friends enjoying the view.

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Most of my traveling via air has me going east, so I usually end up on very early or very late flights out of San Diego. A trip I took to Atlanta last year found me taking off just after sunrise, so I made sure to have my camera at the ready just in case the view was anything worthwhile. I’m glad I did, because the plane looped around right after takeoff and gave me the most breathtaking shot of San Diego Bay from above.


In a small Arkansas town by the name of Kensett, there exists the only Zebra-donkey I’ve ever seen… unless you count the ones in Tijuana with their hastily painted on stripes. I’ve never known the story behind the creature, but it’s always been this novelty to go see him when I’m in the nearby town of Searcy visiting my family and alma mater. I returned only a few weeks ago from what’s seemingly becoming an annual visit, but was sad to realize I’d skipped the field-trip to see the Zebra-donk this time around. Luckily, I went last year with my nephew, sister and camera in tow. I figure, he’s enough of an oddity to warrant his own photo blog entry, so in an attempt to kickstart me back into posting on this blog, here you go:




It’s kind of a given that anyone with even the slightest bit of shutterbug lurking within them will have their camera out and at the ready for their local fireworks on the Fourth of July. No one can resist trying to get a unique shot of something so fun and beautiful to photograph…and who can blame them?! Imperial Beach, the town I [still] reside in just south of San Diego, had their first firework show this year. They set off the rockets from the pier and everyone gathered on the beach to watch them light up the sky. I’ll admit, it was one of the better shows I’ve seen in my time. I, liked every other camera-wielding individual out there, took quite a few shots of the show, but this one was my favorite.

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This photo is from a batch I took while vacationing with a bunch of my old college friends last year in Florida. One of our friends rented a convertible for the week (best decision ever) and it made me absolutely snap-happy every time we got in the car. This is one of my favorite shots of my friend Don while we were riding around one night.

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Whenever I go through my archives of photos I inevitably find a few here and there that I never edited and shared for some reason or another. This is a shot from last August when I took my camera surfing with me. I’ve been craving some surf action lately and have been waiting anxiously for the water to get a little warmer so that I can tolerate it. This photo definitely made me want to get back out there and catch some waves.


I was thinking about Brooklyn tonight. Not so much the place, but the experience of it. My trip up there in September included visits with a number of old friends, the most significant of which is my friend Kevin from high school. It had been years since we’d seen eachother, but as always, it was like we’d never spent a day apart. Two of the three people pictured in the photograph are friends of his (the third…on the left, is Kevin). One, I’ve known for years as well, having met him during Kevin’s freshmen year at Columbia during my first visit to New York City, and the other, I’d just met. The thing that I will always adore about this particular group of friends is the immediate intimacy established as soon as you’re introduced to the group. Whether an old friend or new acquaintance…you’re family.

I don’t know why I’m reminiscing quite as much as I am about them right now. Maybe it’s seeing this photo and remembering the sticky hot day in Brooklyn, sitting on the roof of their old house, sandwiched between high-rise condos. Maybe it’s because I’ve been missing them lately. Or maybe it’s just a random unearthing of the fondness I have towards this group of people. Regardless, I love this photo. Especially how you can just feel the intimacy and love in this moment between the three of them.

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