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I can’t say enough good things about Swoon, a dessert bar that recently opened here in San Diego. Literally a bar…you sit only a few feet away from the chef and sous chef working their magic to create some of the most incredible food I’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

I’ve been really making an effort to kick my butt into gear to get back into the photography game lately, and one of the biggest hangups I’ve had to overcome is just plain laziness about seeking out opportunities. Seeing as waiting around lazily for them to come to me hasn’t worked that well (or at all for that matter), I’ve been brainstorming ideas to pursue. Doing photo “stories” of people and their craft is one of them.

After my first visit to Swoon, I decided to grow a pair and ask if I could do a photo story on the dessert bar. Lucky me…Ian said yes!

They serve a variety of tea, coffee and espresso drinks to enjoy throughout the day and then begin their dessert service at 6pm. Each dessert is meticulously assembled to order by one of the two awesome gents working behind the bar. Ian, the Chef and creator of Swoon is pictured first, and Evan, the sous chef, second. Along with about five or six desserts that Ian seems to be constantly tweaking and perfecting, they also make a couple of savory options. Both of them are pictured below, but the real star of my visits (between both the sweet and the savory) has been the Smoked Salmon Eclair. If I were to choose a food to be romantically involved with…it would be this. Seriously. This is the stuff my inner fat kid’s dreams are made of.

Pictured below are photos of Ian and Evan prepping and plating the food with the utmost care and attention to detail. I had a blast hanging out with and getting to know them while spoiling my taste buds and I couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out. I’m already looking forward to going back.












Most of my traveling via air has me going east, so I usually end up on very early or very late flights out of San Diego. A trip I took to Atlanta last year found me taking off just after sunrise, so I made sure to have my camera at the ready just in case the view was anything worthwhile. I’m glad I did, because the plane looped around right after takeoff and gave me the most breathtaking shot of San Diego Bay from above.


It’s kind of a given that anyone with even the slightest bit of shutterbug lurking within them will have their camera out and at the ready for their local fireworks on the Fourth of July. No one can resist trying to get a unique shot of something so fun and beautiful to photograph…and who can blame them?! Imperial Beach, the town I [still] reside in just south of San Diego, had their first firework show this year. They set off the rockets from the pier and everyone gathered on the beach to watch them light up the sky. I’ll admit, it was one of the better shows I’ve seen in my time. I, liked every other camera-wielding individual out there, took quite a few shots of the show, but this one was my favorite.

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Nothing beats a cliché sunset shot on the beach with a runner in it.

Those footprints you see in the bottom right of the photo are from my friend Josh and I trudging through what we thought was going to be some squishy sand and turned out to be foot and a half deep mud. We thought we were safe to cross the small stream of water to start our climb back up the hill, but as soon as we got close our feet sank straight into it and we submitted to slowly working our way across, one foot out of the mud at a time.

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Right before Christmas, I had some old college friends visit me here in San Diego. We spent a few days down in Ensenada, Mexico working with a church and then headed back up to San Diego so they could enjoy the sights here. Unfortunately, torrential rains hit the coast and we were barricaded in my house for most of the remainder of their time here. Two of them took off  for Louisiana and later that same afternoon, it stopped raining. In an attempt to enjoy the little bit of dry weather, my friend Josh and I went and hiked down to Black’s Beach. Normally a nude-friendly beach, we lucked out and there wasn’t a soul to be found. It. Was. Perfect. The seagulls were out in full force and the sky was a perfect blue painted with leftover clouds from the storm. I had a blast running down the beach through the flocks of birds, trying to get the perfect photo of them flying off. This is one of many I took and I’ll be posting a few more from the trip later on.

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I’ve realized that one of the most effective ways for me to deal with a bad day, week or month, is the ocean. When I lived in Greece, nothing took away my worries like floating in the Aegean Sea, so it would make sense that surfing provides that same therapeutic effect for me now. When I finally managed to get off work yesterday evening, I immediately shut off my phone, donned my wetsuit and hit the waves. They weren’t good waves, but they were good enough to surf and just bad enough that I had them almost all to myself, which was wonderful. I let myself get thrashed around for a while as I caught a few in, but spent the better part of my time out there paddling around and enjoying the peace of mind the water grants me. Nothing has the ability to melt away bad thoughts and bad days like the ocean. Luckily, I have a great little camera that had an affordable waterproof casing, so I’m able to combine my love of the ocean with my love of photography. I know photos don’t always do moments justice, but just imagine being out on that board, the pier to your right and the beach behind you as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon. The only sounds are the seagulls diving for their dinner and the water lapping at the edges of the board. It truly is one of the most incredible feelings to be out there.


In a continuing effort to update my photo blog more, I’ll be digging through my archives for the little gems I let get past me the first time I edited through. This photo is from my thirty days of travel last September. It was taken right here in Imperial Beach, where I now live. During the few days I stayed here was also when I made the decision to move here in January. Not a bad choice.

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This is another shot from my trip to Sea World. I went through the walkway underneath the shark tank twice because I wasn’t pleased with my photos the first time around. I still didn’t get exactly what I wanted, but I did find it humorous that the man in the foreground stood there looking at his phone the entire time. I also noticed later that there’s a girl wearing a USF sweatshirt in the background…which is the first college I went to before transferring to Harding.

Anyway…I love aquariums. They’re so blue and watery. Apparently I have nothing constructive to say about this photo, ha.

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