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Poor Jeff, my lovely host and tour guide up in Canada…always having to stop and/or turn the car around so I can indulge my need to document the world around me. I think these photos prove it’s worth it though.

I couldn’t choose just one…sorry.






Whenever I go through my archives of photos I inevitably find a few here and there that I never edited and shared for some reason or another. This is a shot from last August when I took my camera surfing with me. I’ve been craving some surf action lately and have been waiting anxiously for the water to get a little warmer so that I can tolerate it. This photo definitely made me want to get back out there and catch some waves.


A couple months ago, a friend and I went down to tour the wine country in Mexico. About an hour south of Tijuana, the drive down the coast was absolutely breathtaking on the sunny warm day. The area is called Valle de Guadalupe and stretches down a long road dotted with small towns and wineries. We experienced the high-end places that made you think you were in Napa Valley and other more rustic places down winding dirt roads that might tempt someone to skip the return trip back up to the states. It was a beautiful day trip and I’d recommend it to anyone visiting Southern California in the near future that doesn’t mind crossing the border.

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Nothing beats a cliché sunset shot on the beach with a runner in it.

Those footprints you see in the bottom right of the photo are from my friend Josh and I trudging through what we thought was going to be some squishy sand and turned out to be foot and a half deep mud. We thought we were safe to cross the small stream of water to start our climb back up the hill, but as soon as we got close our feet sank straight into it and we submitted to slowly working our way across, one foot out of the mud at a time.

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I’ve realized that one of the most effective ways for me to deal with a bad day, week or month, is the ocean. When I lived in Greece, nothing took away my worries like floating in the Aegean Sea, so it would make sense that surfing provides that same therapeutic effect for me now. When I finally managed to get off work yesterday evening, I immediately shut off my phone, donned my wetsuit and hit the waves. They weren’t good waves, but they were good enough to surf and just bad enough that I had them almost all to myself, which was wonderful. I let myself get thrashed around for a while as I caught a few in, but spent the better part of my time out there paddling around and enjoying the peace of mind the water grants me. Nothing has the ability to melt away bad thoughts and bad days like the ocean. Luckily, I have a great little camera that had an affordable waterproof casing, so I’m able to combine my love of the ocean with my love of photography. I know photos don’t always do moments justice, but just imagine being out on that board, the pier to your right and the beach behind you as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon. The only sounds are the seagulls diving for their dinner and the water lapping at the edges of the board. It truly is one of the most incredible feelings to be out there.


For those of you that don’t know, back in September, I got to do a wonderful thirty days of traveling thanks to JetBlue’s wonderful All-You-Can-Jet Pass. While traveling, I went to Aruba for the sole reason that it’s the first word in the song Kokomo. This photo was from my first night there after I’d gone on a beautiful sunset snorkeling tour that my couchsurfing host had hooked me up with via some friends of his that ran a water sports company on the beach.

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A friend of mine here is a concierge at a swanky hotel in Coronado, which is a sort of island-like strip that is directly above Imperial Beach (where I currently reside). This means he gets all sorts of perks and hook-ups from the surrounding businesses…one of which is to use a sailboat that is usually rented out at a fairly high price. Lucky me…I got to tag along the other day when he took it out for a beautiful day on the San Diego Bay on a sunny January afternoon.

As we took the sails down and motored back towards the marina, the sun was starting to get a bit lower in the sky and made for some beautiful scenery along the way.

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